Sunday Bloody Sunday (NOT)

This weekend was jammed packed with training and kennel dogs. I was in Newport on Saturday with a client and we did some great off leash recall training by the was such a great day outside...though Newport is a little colder than Providence.

All the dogs love the new yard setup..and they are all excited about the pool opening this next weekend they will all be swimming. I have a few dogs leaving this week and a few more coming in...there is not going to be any empty kennels for a while at the rate this is going...

I am getting ready for the Providence Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. It should be lots of fun, I love trade shows.

I have a road trip planned for the 3rd weekend of May to head down to Baltimore for work so if you are going to be needing training make sure you schedule it asap. I will not be training this month of 5 days which usually throws my schedule off moving people around.

I had a few people come and look at the kennel this week prior to doing a Board and Train Package. They all fell in love with the kennel and commented how the kennel was nicer than the house the dog is coming from and their dogs probably won't want to come home. The dirt pile is the hit of the training many dogs love to stand up on top of it and play king of the hill. We did more brickwork this weekend in the backyard and should finish it by next weekend when the pool is done.

My leg is feeling OK but it does not look good. I have to go to my regular doctor this week to have it checked out. It hurts alot (probably form being on it 18 hours a day and is really puffy and I have a lot of blood settled in my ankle area..which i don't think is a bad sign..the problem with pain killers is you don't know if you are in pain or not...I also have been very moody since I have been on them and most likely a pain in the ass as a dad and as a husband...sorry linda and kids....I love all of you and I suck since being on the meds.....

   levi and squid coming


                      Squid and Levi Going

         Levi and Squid Going with Max........must be the right way to go

        Fargo getting ready to kick Levi's ass.....LOL

   Don't even think about peeing on my coffee stand

        I am soooooooooooo happy when I am surrounded by dogs......the hell with strip clubs...

  Clover giving some love to Rusty an extremely friendly pit bull.....I hope

great weather.....great times.....great friends......

Everyone is getting along great this week..we have gotten so much training done this week...every week gets busier and busier...I am looking for some part time help for weekend hours....if anyone knows of anyone feel free to contact me.