Waffle eaters make better trainers

I am laying down for a quick 30 minutes..i have been up since 5am and then went out to pick up a dog to enter a 2 week boot camp..forgot to take my pain meds before i left the house and i am feeling it...so i just took my meds....waiting till they kick in and then back on my feet to work with dogs...

The pool gets opened today!!!!! and by the weekend I will have dogs in it swimming around and working on water retrieving. A few more dogs are going home this week and then more are coming in....

clover and romy  powering up on waffles before the big training day...this was from yesterday morning

Romy enjoying her waffle....when eating breakfast with me..i just give them a waffle to walk around with....this way they can look out the window at all of the dogs training and running around...it is also good training for the dogs that I work in the house so they don't eat the kids waffles.

Max showing Cosmo how to do a down/stay...max is a great training assistant, i don't tell him what to do in this instance I give the dog that I am working with the command and he will also do it to help out the other dog

 Max resting after doing some training..

well...i am feeling no pain from my dog bite injury so time to get back on my feet and go back to work..