Big, Big Changes are a happenin at the SK9T compound

The pool is opening, fencing is almost done, cobblestones are being laid, new lighting is being installed. Awnings are going up. Gas power washer has been purchased.....HUGE swing set for the girls are going up this weekend. Outdoor water feature is being installed. Another p/t helper is being hired to just PLAY with kennel dogs. 

  Clover being a great big sister and pushing Romy in a swing....Clover has been a great big sister for a while..she is really helping out Romy whenever she needs it. They spend about 3 hours every morning outside playing with the dogs.

Clover and Romy digging holes ...keep in mind that both kids are out playing with ALL dogs even dogs that have been deemed aggressive with kids.

Sasha who is a 6 month old female Black Lab who was aggressive with the familes children who owned him...has been with me for less than a week and has been doing     AWESOME...she is very social with other dogs, is great with kids, is great with the food bowl, and has been very receptive to training....he is available for adoption

Squid hanging out on our new sundeck for the dogs......

This weekend I will be doing lots of swimming with the dogs. More new dogs are coming in...I think I found the most aggressive dog in New England and I will be making an annoucement very soon..

Also please vote for me for the Animal Print Best Dog trainer

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I almost won it last time and it would be great to get your votes.....

Georgie on his first day getting used to  the other dogs....he did great.