A question to ask your dog trainer

The more and more clients that I get from other trainers failures the more and more I am getting frustrated with our industry. I don't feel that I am competing with anyone in New England since my training methods are different than anyone in the area. I also realize that I am anywhere from 2 to 7 times as expensive per hour than anyone else out there.

When I hear about other trainers methods and the lack of progress that is happening after 3-4 and 5 sessions it concerns me. If you are not seeing drastic changes after the 1st visit from a trainer whether an at home trainer or a training school, you might want to question why that is. I am amazed that I keep hearing about dog trainers whose own dogs cannot even do a proper heel without putting food in front of them....this is amazing...not too sound cocky but I get dogs to heel after just a couple of hours with my methods.

So....the question to ask a trainer is the following "How many sessions will it take to properly do a loose leash heel with my dog?" If they say more than 3 hours than run the other way and save your money.

The pool opens up this weekend and I will have pictures up on Sunday night. I start putting up the kids swing set this weekend. 2 dogs went home today and I will be able to get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday....I changed the bandage on my leg and the scab came off and opened up the wound..so I just put on a 4 X 4 bandage on either side of my leg...I think this will work...

Romy is out of control...she is walking around non stop and really getting involved with the dogs...there is a couple of new dogs that came in today so she will do her big intro over the weekend. About 15 life jackets came in today along with a bunch of new outside toys, large 6 quart bucket for outside and another automatic air freshner for the kennel.

I am getting ready for the Business Expo next week and then off to Baltimore the week after. I think I will bring Max, Uma and Bella with me to Baltimore. We will all be sleeping in the van so it should be interesting. I have to drop off Squid and Levi first in NYC....and stay in NYC for 2 days working with the owner. I love driving to NYC ...i park at 79th and the West Side Highway..I always get free wirelss internet and a Starbucks is 1 block away along with a great bagel place.

Fargo and Jake both went home today...they did a 2 week board and train and we where able to do a good baseline of training with them.

Clover and Romy playing with Sasha a six month old black lab that is up for adoption...she is very friendly and loves kids...she is very playful with other dogs...if you are interested in adoptiong her please feel free to contact me at jeff@SolidK9Training.com

Keep in mind that Romy is only 15 months old...it is so incredible to watch her interact with all dogs...i know I always put pictures of Romy and Clover up...but everyday they are out in the yard with the dogs and the way they interact with them is incredible to watch...it is a great study in dog/human behavior

Romy looking for dogs to play with....she is just loving and loving life....she will be going into the pool soon

so.........it is late.....linda is next to me snoring up a storm...all of the kids are around....I need to make a sandwich..i did not eat much today.....I am having some more people get a tour of the property and the kennel this weekend prior to do some board and train session..

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