Sunday is picture day

The pool is open....clover and romy helped out big today...and i sat down and read the paper for the first time in a while....I don't do a lot of training at the kennel on is more of a play day for the dogs..i see a lot of clients for at home training..but kennel dogs run around and play....5 dogs went swimming today....this week they will all go into the pool...this year i bought webbing beds for the pool area which the dogs started using today...this week the swing set goes up...more landscaping gets done and more fencing gets finished.

  All the dogs love the energy that clover has                         

                  clover raking up the poop


  I am reading the Sunday paper, enjoying a cup of       
coffee and hanging out with part of the crew.

 filling up water buckets or the day outside play


Jeff on poop patrol...we patrol the yard every hour                 

    Clover giving squid some love


Romy wearing her pj's outside during the day               

 Uma getting ready to jump in the pool

Uma and Max hanging out by the pool...max is in one of the new dog chaise lounges by the pool

Romy, Clover and Cosmo look at the treat that Romy just dropped

mini max enjoys a swim in the pool...he is a natural and he is up for adoption

Thats all for is actually monday morning...i fell asleep last night in the middle of this posting...

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thank you