Providence Business Expo Day 2 and more

Day 2 of the Expo was even better than day 1...I am always thrilled to see the CEO's in expensive suits fall apart when they talk about the dogs in their life. I will have a full kennel through the summer and lots of new clients to start working with.

  Max and Uma after a hard days work at the trade show

Romy has been getting more and more involved with the dogs....she is 16 months of course which is why...isnt this what all 16 months do? It is so funny how she communicates with the dogs through hand gestures, body language and her little grunts.

Romy waiting to jump into a play pile, Sasha, Pepsi and Max all playing with a stuffed toy....all 3 of these dogs are up for adoption as well.

 Romy trying to keep up with the play pile.

A closeup of what Romy keeps following around..Romy is incredible...ironically she just finished dinner and got a good cleanup from Pepsi the Pit Bull

Shayna who just came in for some intensive 1 week training is in a downstay next to workers putting up a swing set for the kids..first time she met them..she was in a downstay for 1 1/2 hours.

Clover and Ceaser who just arrived for a 6 week bootcamp..Ceaser is a little skittish on day 1 and 2 but has been making great progress..this is right before we went on a nice 20 minute walk to see how he heels..he did great...he is a very big boy...He came in last after a nice walk I cut his nails....worked him for about an hour and then let him run with 1 other dog to see how he does...Clover was really comfortable around him.....Clover is one of the hardest working kids that I know...on that note.....I have 3 people that work for me...Melissa and Shannon are my training assistants and they are responsible for the great results that I am able to get from my kennel dogs. Edwin works my yard and keeps the kennels clean as well the yard, pool and will start doing play time with the dogs...each one of my staff is a HUGE part of how succesful  I am ..and I thank all of you for your hard work...I find that I don't thank you enough and I thank all of you for your hard daily work..

On that note I am looking for 1 more p/t person to help with training dogs.