The dogs have been using the pool for about a week....and today clover decided she wanted to go in...still not quite warm did not stop her...

Clover working her way around the pool goes to check out what Max is up to

earlier in the day Clover shows off her little mermaid outfit...the dogs seemd to be confused about the Disney character invading the training yard....Clover wears this outfit almost everyday inside the house..she comes downstairs each morning with it....Clover and Romy share a bedroom on the 3rd floor of the house....she has been doing great sleeping through the night lately without coming downstairs until the sun comes up....

Rachael and Brixen who live in Newport RI come to me every once and a while to work her dog around all of the distractions that my kennel has to offer..

Squid and Levi in the Place position on a nice sunny Sunday

Max, Uma and Cosmo doing the Place command

I'm working some dogs and others just like to hang out with me.

i am is late...i need to go to sleep