Well..today I left for NYC with 5 dogs..i was bringing squid and levi back home and giving Olivia a ride back to her apartment….she came home for the weekend and it was great….we all went out to dinner to Panera Bread the other night….linda and myself along with all 6 of my daughters…I was in heaven…it was great to see everyone in one place…..as I was looking at all of my kids eating dinner all I could think of was  “Damn I’m fertile” LOL

Clover and Romy share a comfy chair at Panera Bread...Clover is such a good big sister and Romy is learning so many new things so quickly

So as I was driving into NYC which took a long 6 hours instead of the usual 3 my van did not feel right…something about the fuel/air thingy magingy if there is such a thing…no power at all in first gear…I hope I make it down to Baltimore…

After dropping off Levi and Squid, I took Olivia home to her apt in Williamsburg and we saw a billboard with Olivia on it…it was from one of her photo shoots a couple of months ago..i will try to get a picture of it….it was cool seeing my daughter 100 feet Feet up in the air….

Levi and squid loaded up for the trip to NYC

I slept in the van last night with max,uma and bella on Riverside Drive and 79th street..it is a great location right next to Riverside Park…lots of room to run the dogs….1 block away from Starbucks and H & H Bagels and quiet..Bella has not been to NYC but all of her training kept in calm and focused…there is so many dogs in that area…all I could think of was how much business there must be in this area for me.

So I was up at 4:45 this morning..used the porta potty that I have in my van went on a 1 hour walk and I and then I drove over to my clients apt on 96th and Central Park West…I am going to work with her and the dogs for the morning before I take off to Baltimore.

Max, Uma and Bella at about 5am on Riverside Park in NYC..what a great place for dogs and kids..really nice playgrounds..i am going to plan a trip with Linda, Romy and Clover along with my 4 dogs and park at the same spot and stay for a couple of days...no hotel bills..it will be nice...the dogs can play in the park and the kids can play at the playground..we can go out to dinner at an outdoor cafe with everyone and then back to the van to go to sleep.

I will look for a VW dealer or repair shop on the way to Baltimore to stop in and have them look at my van…I imagine that a mechanic in NYC will be too pricey.

I am actually in Baltimore at the hotel that 2 of my staff from my other company are staying at...i am sleeping in the van with the dogs and they have a room...i am able to get free internet access in the parking lot..yesterday and last night i could not get any so this is a 2 day posting...the van did not do well on the trip from NYC to Baltimore...it is very sluggish oh well...i made it though and as long as I can get within 100 miles of Providence on the way back home I will be fine. That way AAA can always tow me back for no charge..

I am tired..i was up early this morning and driving all day..the dogs have been playing ball outisde for a while and are now sleeping...i will take them out before I go to sleep one more time....and then up in the morning and out to the trade show...I talked to linda tonight..she is doing well..it is alot for her to handle when I am gone...she has all of the kids plus she is in charge of night duty at the kennel and the last bathroom break for the dogs...thanks honey..you are awesome...

I took the bandage off of my bite wound the other day because it was not doing well and it looked like it was infected..so i poured a lot of hydrogen peroxide on it and then left it uncovered overnight...i keep repeating it and it is doing much much better....so.....I am ready for another bite now that this one is heeled.