The Play Set is up (almost)

Today I was able to work more on the play set for clover and romy....i was able to get the rock wall up so Clover was able to climb up it and go down the slide..2 swings are up, the steering wheel and periscope are up. Obviously the structure is i have to still build...the wood to build it did not come with the set so i picked up some today and will work on that this week...Clover loved it...she gave me a big hug today..told me she missed me this last few days and thanked me for making the slide work.

  Clover trying out the rock wall to get to the slide

  Clover heading down the slide...she climbed and slid for over an hour while different dogs were in the PLACE command at the base of the slide.

Dogs did great today....everyone went for a little swim in the water...the pool got a great cleaning afterwords.

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