Coming and Going

Today was another day for dogs coming and going...Fargo a puggle has gone home after 4 weeks with me....he has come a long way since he came into my pack and learned the ways of being a dog in a human world.

Fargo in the back of my van with Max, Uma and Bella as we approach his home.

I had a dog flown in from Cleveland Ohio is the dog that I flew out and saw last week. Oliver arrived this afternoon after a short flight...he seemed to do well on the flight and I will not start working him until tomorrow (sunday) so he can just chill for about 24 hours. He needs obedience work and he has this nasty habit of biting people.

 Oliver is in his transport kennel in my van, I kept him in the kennel not only because my dogs were in the van as well but also since he has a tendency to bite and was stressed from the flight this makes a dog unpredictable.

 Oliver settles down into his kennel after running around the training yard....he ate all of his dinner and is drinking water and is warming up to me ...tomorrow we start training. I have been getting more and more calls from around the US and Canada to have me fly out to work with dogs as well as to ship dogs to me...the nice thing is that Continental is such a great transport airline for dogs.