How to help your aggressive dog in 30 minutes

This is a  story of a girl named Liz and her dog Jaquie a female pit bull that goes crazy with lunging and loud barking when it comes across other dogs. Liz has always been concerned about having her dog around other dogs and felt she could not control Jacquie.  So we met and talked about her concerns and as you know with my "just jump in methods" I had her work with 2 of my dogs in the parking lot of her building. With a few minutes we were able to do the following as you see below..Jaquie was able to walk between my dogs within inches of them without paying attention to them...there was no barking and eye contact was kept to a minimum which is the key.

The first path you see Jacqui making eye contact with Bella. Prior to this I had Liz walk Jaquie back and forth past Bella from about 50 feet away and with each pass moving in closer and closer to Bella..this is one of my techniques that I use in order to force dogs to deal with the reality of other dogs exist in the world.

As you can see from this photo Jaquie is making another pass and looks at Max but notice the leash is loose lunging and no stress..Max is great..he always goes into a intense down/stay and does not move..he has done this routine hundreds of times and dog lunge at him and try to bite him and he never moves.

this pass is eye contact...loose leash and yes I gave Max the lick command

Doing a sit/stay without any lunging or barking...this was a very successful

At the end of the session this is what we ended up with.