Its Hot so we swim and swim and swim

Well....all the dogs are swimming....some more than others but they are swimming...dogs and kids are in the pool for at least 4 hours a is a welcome relief for the dogs...

Romy getting ready for a sunny day outside

Coco who is my 6 pound chihuahua enjoys the pool

After a big swim Romy hangs out on a dog bed for over an hour playing with her cups...these are her favorite toys

Clover was injured this week....she was in the pool and a 120lb dog jumped in to get a floating ball...well...the dog landed on top of her and Clover was sent to the bottom of the pool..she popped up crying...and swam over to me...I asked her if she wanted to get out...she said..."no, he didn't mean to jump on me...he just didn't see me" so she kept on swimming.

Clover shows off her wounded face from a dog claw.....

Pepsi and clover swimming around...pepsi spent over an hour in the pool..swimming around in circles...having a great time..he is wearing a lifejacket to keep him floating...i take off the jacket after I feel the dogs are confident about swimming..what it does though is it keeps them swimming for longer periods of time, which tires them out...below is some more pictures of pepsi

max and pepsi enjoy swimming together

romy and squid (he's back while his owner is in England) it is incredible to watch romy interact with dogs..she cannot say any words and the dogs always understand what she is saying..

Thats it for today...i took a break today to hang out with Clover since she was tired...give linda a little down now we go back out to work with dogs.