NYC again

Im sitting in my van in NYC I left the house with clover and 3 of my dogs to go pick up another dog in Manhattan that is being trained for 4 weeks by me as well as meeting with another prospective client that heard about me through some New Yorkers that I was good.

Clover getting ready for bed behind Bella, Max and Uma in the van parked in NYC...she did great..slept the whole night through.

Clover is sleeping in the van on the bed and Bella is resting her head on her and Max and Uma are lying beside her…the passenger seat of my van swivels 360 degrees so at the moment I am facing the back of the van. It is pouring rain…HUGE thunder and lighting storms slammed down on us through most of CT and all of NYC.

It is very peaceful and quiet at the moment..we are in our usual spot on 79th and Riverside Drive…next to Riverside Park and getting free wifi

Bella and Uma are out cold and Max is on alert..he wont sleep much tonight since he will be on alert while I sleep……there have never been any problems in the past and on a rainy night I am not expecting any….but it is good for Max to pay attention while we are in NYC for anyone approaching the van and enforcing the 6 foot rule.

We woke up  at 5am and went on a nice long walk...Clover ran around the whole time and was tired out by the end of the walk. She had to potty and would not go in the we went back to the van and used the porta potty.

Clover running around Riverside Park at 5:30am this morning.

Max, Uma and Bella keeping on eye on Clover as she plays at the playground in NY.

Clover helping out getting the dogs ready for  a big NYC walk.

I have 4 new dogs coming in this week as well as a new rescue dog from PARL…I had 2 dog adopted out this week… MAX the beagle and Sasha the black lab. I am so excited that they finally have forever homes.