A great new dog is going to be available for adoption

I have a new dog up for adoption....Patch is a 11 month old fixed male pit bull who is EXTREMELY DOG and Person friendly....at the moment he is untrained...he is solid muscle and I will be taking all of his energy and turn it into intense obedience commands...he has been playing really well with other dogs..I am not concerned with him being aggressive with other dogs at dog parks or in your household.


After 1 day Patch has already made a best friend.....Sassy is a 6 week Board and Train who just came in from NH with her brother Shadow...Patch and Sassy run around for HOURS playing and playing

If anyone wants to adopt Patch you can contact me at 401.527.6354...i made this entry short so you can forward it to as many people as you think would be interested...he is a great dog...ZERO aggression I am seeing so far...none with kids, adults, or dogs....he is full of energy though so keep this in mind..he will be trained by the time I am done with him..