Day in the Life

I love my days...they are so interesting....from rolling out of bed at 5am until finishing up my blog at midnight. The last few days have been incredible..i brought home Caeser to Revere MA to his family and they just loved how he turned is such a HUGE sense of satisfaction that I have helped this family as well as the dog...for some reason i did not realize that he was afraid of water before he came to me...while he was with me I taught him how to swim...the family has a pool and were excited about it...he jumped right into the pool when he got to his owners house.

I will go back next week to work with the family some more to make sure they understand my techniques and all of the commands...and that Caeser is paying attention to them as he did me.

Clover working Caeser when he first got to me

I did some training with one of my clients in the woods the other day..and it was so nice...walking through the woods working on commands. it was heavenly and it was the closest I ahve been to hiking in the woods in a while.

Dee and Jake in the woods....sorry folks....Dee is getting married this weekend so dont ask me for her number...sometimes I feel like I am writing a dating service with all of the emails I get with the photos in my blog LOL

Fathers day....well I spent most of fathers day working with all of the dogs and cleaning kennels..also I had to rush Squid to the ER....he had some bloody gelatin like stuff coming out of his butt all morning so I felt he should away we ended up being okay....

Romy is getting ready for some pool time.....she does great with the dogs in the training yard and is excite about her new bathing suit and life jacket.

Romy got right into the pool and then a dog following her in and she got knocked over and went face first into the pool...that ruined that days swimming so she spent the rest of the time out on the deck with the time she will spend more time in the pool...

I had to take my truck into the shop again was very very loud coming from the they got me right in and fixed it.....Scott VW in East Providence you guys are awesome.

I started prepping the training yard for a delivery of pea stones....i have ordered enough pea stone for 2500 sq feet of space...this is going to be great...then I can spray the training yard at the end of each day with a special disenfectant to get rid of any odor that lingers...this will also get rid of the mud issue of when it rains and the dogs are in the yard...i am also getting some other stone for some other landscape projects that I am working on.

What else...I have high hopes for Patch...he has been training very hard...he is extremely friendly with everyone and everything...If anyone is interested in adopting him please give me a call at 401.527.6354

Patch is the dog on the right

Patch is a HUGE lover...he is GREAT with other dogs and he loves to work for me...he is doing wonderful with all of his commands.

At the moment I am hanging out with Linda at Starbucks getting some work is the only time that we get to spend time many many dogs...

Thats all for today...