Thoughts about the East Side of Providence

Every morning I do a 3-4 mile walk on the East Side of Providence starting at about 6:30-7am and I love this part of my day. I do alot of thinking during these walks and usually have 4-6 dogs with me.

The landscaping is incredible at most of the homes.

There are great rock walls

The landscapers are very polite

Dog owners that use those 20 foot expandable leashes should stop....your dog will end up getting hit by a car or into a dog fight.

I only see women running

Over 50% of the drivers are using their cell phones while driving and this is before 7am...who are you talking to?

Who's the guy in the Rolls Royce driving 60mph down Elmgrove Ave

RIPTA bus drivers are always waving at me...thanks guys

Do you think a dog training facility would do well at the old Wayland Toy Store location?

Hannah joins the morning pack