Thank you....Thank you.....Thank you

I thought today since I am exhausted I would just put up some pictures with some captions since most people always love the photos I put up.

Clover blows bubbles while Hannah is in her PLACE

 Clover going down her slide while Patch is in a downstay....Patch is up for adoption and is doing great with training...if you are interested in Patch you can call me at 401.527.6354

Patch is an 11 month old male pit bull who is so good with other dogs...he is very very playful with dogs..he plays like a 5 month old puppy with all of the other dogs...he is very powerful and is taking to his commands very well...he will need a handler who can handle a strong dog...

One of my clients whose GSD has been very reactive to other dogs both small and large is doing a great downstay while Squid is in a STAND STAY....

Clover and Romy are working with Oliver a Standard Poodle who was flown in from Cleveland because he has been going around his neighborhood biting kids and biting people who come into his owners house. I will have some great video up on my youtube page with the kids working Oliver real hard.

Brie who is the working with Bella while her dog Blue (5 month old doberman) works on his heeling w/distractions

Brie waits with Bella to start working her dog Blue....she is only 3 years old and is doing a great job with her dog and Bella works with her so nicely

Sassy a 7 month old lab works her down stays with Bella