Sunday is swimming funday

Today I actually had no clients off site.....So in the morning after running the dogs...feeding them and doing a little bit of training..i powerwashed the cement on the property and then had all of the dogs swimming and swimming and more was very humid out today...the dogs were exhausted by noon.

This was from Saturday morning in Barrington during my early morning walk...Hannah, Uma, Max, Bella, Squid and Levi waiting for me to finish my iced coffee

Clover hanging out in the pool with  6 dogs all having fun...she has a great time and the dogs learn how to act around young children by the pool


Shadow and Sassy 2 labs from NH enjoying some swim time...

Baron and Hannah both about 6 months are having a great time lounging by the pool

I had some clients over today...a great family that owns Cosmo..they have 3 young kids and it was great to have people over for a BBQ and using the around 5 oclock and after feeding the dogs and running them some more..i drove up to Boston to pick up a mattress...actually a Bob-A-Pedic king size mattress that someone used for a partial barter...yes its new...

Heading up to pick up my mattress