Take Patch Home

Patch is doing great...his training is going excellent....when he came to me last week he was a intense out of control untrained dog....he has turned into dog that can play with other dogs, shows HUGE promise in his training and I have gotten it under control...he knows hot to heel on a loose leash, sit/stay, downstay and the PLACE command. He plays awesome with other dogs...his best friends are Baron and Jake.

Another new dog came in for a 2 week boot camp, Cottonball is a young Golden Retriver and has fit in nicely with the group...she is doing well with training and went swimming for the first time today.

Cottonball surveying the training yard while Patch and Baron play

Clover got a new tattoo this week...

Clover showing off her new tattoo...notice the new peastone on the ground..I had 17 tons of it delivered and it was spread all over the training yard.