I'm booked

so i'm booked solid..i can't take any more business at the moment.....both board and train and train at home clients...so at the moment..i can only take deposits for both....i am going to try my hardest to get out my podcasts and vcasts so all of you who have been contacting me.

A few new additions to the board and train program...2 of the smallest dogs I have every worked with....and that is the combined weight of them....which is 8lbs.....or 2 dogs at 4lbs a piece

coco and cola are both 1.5yr old female yorkies...they are with me for a 6 week board and train program and have not been housebroken at all...so....you can see how they are doing with the down/stay command...what you don't see is to the left Max my GSD standing waiting to attack them if they move....thats how i train them...fear of being attacked by max....LOL

I never told you the end of the longest day posting...so on the way up to the client in revere ma...i had another appt and while i was inside the house one of the dogs got ahold of a couple of bottles of salmon oil that i was bringing up to boston with me for someone...well..when i got back into the van it stunk like salmon oil and uma looked really really sick.....so on the way up to revere she through up all over the back of the van........i have a feeling it was bella who took the oil and chewed open the bottles....uma and max can sit in the van unsupervised with bags of groceries and they never ever touch the food...bella on the other hand has not been trained for this yet...so when I got home after midnight from the client I emptied all of the rubber flooring from the van...all of the dog  blankets and hosed it all down...did the laundry and febreezed down the fabric.....the next morning on the way to my 4 mile walk I had 7 dogs with me and one of them (to go unnamed) took the largest stinkiest dump in my van...WTF...30 seconds into the ride...so....when I got home I emptied out the dogs and took out the rubber mats again and below is the picture.....that was my big setup

i think clover hosed one of the yorkies under the gate...

Matrix who is a great GSD is rock solid on his PLACE command

I know I keep saying in this but i am blown away at the interest Clover takes in helping training the dogs...she loves working with them and it shows..

make sure that you  stay tuned to the Training Tips section of my website...i will get at least one podcast up this week...