Its a Kids world

From the minute Clover wakes up until she fights her way to going to sleep at night.....all she wants to do is help me with today was good she did some great distraction work with Sassy and Shadow and worked with Dorothy with a bunch of the dogs as well.

clover and i having some down time while watching dogs play in the training yard

clover and i hanging out with sassy and shadow...both dogs love to just chill with us when they are not training

Romy who at 18 months has started taking a more active role with the dogs...its about time the kid earned her room and board...she is feeding Patch who is a 65lb pit bull that is up for adoption....romy feeds him by hand 1 pc of dog food at a time. He is so gentle with her.

Romy learning how to rub Patches belly just the way he likes it...

Romy is modeling the new kennel uniform for the staff as she watches me give patch a nice relaxing massage.....did i mention that this lovable...energetic....almost well trained dog is up for adoption...

coco (or cola) not sure which one hangs out with Sassy, both are in the PLACE all you folks out there that wonder if I work with small dogs the answer is yes...a dog is a dog and all dogs need to be trained..and all dogs both small and large co-mingle at my kennel and learn how to be good players.

thats it for today....i need to get some sleep...another long day in the a.m. over 90 degrees lots of swimming in the pool....lots of training inside on household mgmt issues.....2 new dogs coming in tomorrow from Newport, RI for a 2 week board and train...