oops she did it again, runaway daughter

so not to get my personal business out there but it worked last time. as you all know Colleen ran away last week..she was found and put into a facility....not a lock down facility...well..at midnight she ran away again....colleen needs drug and alcohol rehab help and I will get that out there...most families keep this private..but as you all know me I am pretty open about my life....so...info again...we found her in CT last time...i will update this when i find out the person she was with..I just thought I would get this out asap.  Linda is out driving around looking for her...

Name: Colleen Glen
DOB 8/7/92 15yrs old
Weight 105lbs
Height 5'2"
Long Blonde Hair
Most likely wearing shorts and a tank top
She has a small heart tattoo on her chest that can be seen with her shirt on. It is a homemade one out of blue ink.
She will probably be with 1 male around 17-21yrs old or a group of kids
Possibly on Block Island
If you see her please call me at 401.527.6354 or Linda at 401.368.5352