Random words

Dogs staying very very hydrated today...they went through gallons and gallons of water outside...the dogs are on the water deck in the play yard...constant fresh water is available for my dogs

Sunday.....it has been very very hot outside...really hot...really muggy and really lots of training going on...I worked on some videos today to put up online...just finishing editing them and do voiceovers..

Baron came over for a swim today...he misses being at bootcamp and loved seeing his old friends.

Bella helps me out at a clients house (Cash) is working on his downstays in the back yard of his house

Patch on the way to a downstay....Patch is doing excellent..he has calmed down so much...he is getting centered and focused..he is great with his commands and he gets along really well....someone needs to adopt this happy boy..

Cola working on her downstay while Cash works on place in kitchen area of my kennel

shadow helping me with filming a video....on proper meal etiquette....shadow has made HUGE advances...he used to attack the bowl before it hit the ground..and when the video is up you will see that i have to really coax him to eat once the bowl is down..

harley..a new dog in at the kennel...

time to go..