Raining dogs and dogs

To reassure all of you who have board and train with me...the tornado was spotted north of us though it is raining very hard with thunder and lightning....if we lose power do not worry i have a backup generator for the kennel to run the A/C and the air purification system and of course the Sirius Satelite radio..and enough fuel to last for a week..so the dogs are all fine...FYI in case of a disaster all dogs can be moved to my basement which sits way above the water table so the chances of flooding are very slim.

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Today was a great training day..no one went swimming but we worked the dogs really really hard...

This is my morning pack.....tonight i added 1 more dog...matrix who is pictured below..so i walk with 6 big dogs at the moment..i will be adding the 2 yorkies very soon...tonight i walked with all 6 but did not get a picture..i will soon though..
Tonight a women with 2 very large goldens was on the sidewalk as we were walking by...my dogs were all very very calm in a perfect heel and then all of a sudden her dogs charged us and pulled her into the street as her dogs jumped all over my dogs...all 6 dogs immediately stayed under my control.....once she regrouped..i asked her if she wanted to try it again...she looked at me surprised....i told her i was serious....so i put all 6 dogs in sit/stay..gave her a few pointers and she walked by twice without any problems...the ironic thing is that she told me her dogs were therapy dogs...mmmmmm....sounds like someone needs some Solid K9 Training....

Matrix (who has joined my long walk pack) works on his downstay along with coca & cola

clover and romy working with mosey on his downstay

In closing....Colleen was found and apprehended today...she was brought to court....put before a judge....threatened with Training School time and then released to Linda until Monday when a bed opens up at Caritas House which is a drug and alcohol inpatient rehab...so....lets hope for a quiet 5 days until a we get her there...thanks to everyone who helped especially my undercover contacts in PVD...