Panera Bread

so the highlight of the day came tonight when i went out with linda and 5 of the 6 kids to Panera Bread....Olivia came home from NYC just for the day to hang out with Colleen and have a good talk with her...Olivia has had her own issues with drugs and alcohol and spent time in the same position as Colleen has, so it was great that she came home to help us out with Colleen...Olivia has been modeling in NYC for about 1 year already and is self supporting, (even sends me money every month for her cell phone)

they have this 1/2 sandwich and salad with pineaple, strawberry, blueberry and a poppyseed dressing that is really the 7 of us can go out to dinner for under $50.00...our big splurge of the week...

I had my usual 7am training session in Barrington today..every Saturday I meet with a great couple and we do a training walk...I really enjoy the conversations and of course Starbucks at the halfway mark.

Clover has some sort of itchy rash on her..she was making a big deal about it and really milking it for attention.

Clover with a baking soda mix on the legs of Clover...she took the day off from dog training today..

Ill let you come up with your own caption for this one LOL

Tsubo who may be aggressive towards kids, came to me for a 2 week boot camp...and of course i put him with children to start working on his obedience with children.

Romy hangs out until she feels comfortable while Clover uses the hand mower for a distraction as Tsubo focuses on me during some PLACE training...he is doing really really well..plays with all the kids...all the dogs and all of my staff can work with him...

its late...i have not gotten much sleep this week..i am going to try to get some sleep after this...long day tomorrow..more filming..i need to get another VCAST done...the Place command is my next VCAST