Colleen has run again

So after linda spent the weekend going shopping for Colleen for all of the things she will need in Rehab for today..she packed it all up and ran in the middle of the night...which sucks because when she is caught she will have to go directly to jail..which does not have a rehab program that will help Linda is a mess and is out looking for again I will put out her information...

Name: Colleen Glen
DOB 8/7/92 15yrs old
Weight 105lbs
Height 5'2"
Hair color: It is brown at the moment..not blond as the picture  shows
Most likely wearing shorts and a tank top
She has a small heart tattoo on her chest that can be seen with her shirt on. It is a homemade one out of blue ink.
She will most possibly be with other runaways.
If you see her please call me at 401.527.6354 or Linda at 401.368.5352