Fun Pictures

Looking through my photos from the last few days I feel that I need to get some photos clients often request more and more photos...

Clover hanging out underneath the A frame

Clover helping out with water duty

Clover eating a piece of fruit up on her swing set....FYI I never put in a ladder to this and there is a small rockwall on the other side so if Clover wants to go up she always has to go up the rockwall which is great exercise for her...

Patch and Matrix wrestling in the dirt

My morning seven...yep seven dogs all walking in heel on my left..i will have a video up soon of this.

Left to Right, max, matrix, bella, shadow, sassy, tsubo and uma

Ushi comes to me when I call her and gets some love

I'm using "butter" the inflatable lobster fromthe pool makes a great distraction for mosey and harley while clover helps with the car

thats it today...these were all taken in the last 48 hours......i have been very busy with the kennel and being on the road...time to work on some to go...