Italian Night

Tonight after all the dogs had eaten and had trained I took 5 dogs out of  a 5 mile walk into downtown Providence by way of Atwells Ave..there was an Italian Fest going on downtown. Linda, Romy and Clover also was a nice night out...Patch also came with me and he usually does not. This was actually his first time walking with The Pack and had a great time and listened very well.

Max, Uma, Bella, Matrix and Patch all came for a walk..Clover and Romy are in the stroller in the background.


All 5 dogs stay in a pretty good Heel the whole is  interesting to walk all dogs in a row...the most I have down is 7 dogs like this..all on the left..all in heel and all sitting when I come to a stop.

Enjoying some Dels lemonade downtown while all 5 dogs are in a great downstay...we where there for about 15 minutes...lots of people going by...lots of noise, which makes for great training.

Clover and romy throwing pennies in the fountain on Depasquale Plaza..thats linda in the pink shirt

The city was packed..lots of people asked questions of the dogs...and a lot of people bent down to pet them without asking...I still do not understand why people still do that...anyway we had a great time...everyone is tired..