Ten Hut! Sarge

Welcome to Boot Camp Sarge...Sarge is a 8 year old GSD who has starting showing more and more aggression towards his family to the point of doing some serious biting of his owner...so after a 10 day quarantine at the vet I went in and picked him up....the staff at the vet told me to be careful...i guess he is not the most friendly dog at the vets office...so of course I thanked them...put on a leash and walked him out to my truck.....told him to jump in and then drove away.....no muzzle...no cage...just Sarge and I driving into the sunset LOL....

The first afternoon I just let him walk around the training yard....got him used to his new temporary home and made sure he was not acting aggressive....within 24 hours I was taking him on long walks and he has been out with ALL of the dogs in the training yard....

Sarge gets along with all of the dogs in the yard...He is going to be lots of fun to work with...the issue is that he has a higher probability of biting me than any of the other dogs at the kennel..so that has to be kept in mind but I can never show any bit of weakness or else the dog will use it against me

Sarge in the training yard

Supervising Sarge during play to control his environment the first day....today after 2 nights this is his 3rd day..i can let him run with the other dogs without such intense supervision....he has not yet played with other dogs then againg he does not move away from other dogs either...he lets dogs sniff him and he sniffs other dogs...i have high hopes for him and his rehabilitation and getting him back to his family

Jake who spent a little time with me over the last few days....learning to fly over the water...he LOVES to swim...it is great that he learned how to swim earlier this summer with me since he has a pool at home and he is able to enjoy it with his family