Romy Stepping up

Romy is really stepping up with the dog training...she has a much different personality than clover....clover is very outspoken....where romy is more reserved...Romy is only 18 months old and is showing some great skills with distraction training...she can sometimes be a little shy around the dogs in the yard...keep in mind that she has spent her whole life with dogs...big ones and little ones and is amazed by them.....

Romy is working on distraction training with Sarge who is in my board and train dog working on some high level aggression issues.

Romy going up and down the slide numerous times while Sarge stays in a down/stay

Romy going down the slide and flying to the ground...this is great work with dogs since a lot of times dogs will go after moving kids...

Romy starting to learn to climb the you all know I never built a ladder for the playset so if the kids want to go down the slide they need to climb the wall..

A series of pictures showing Romy climbing the wall.....great job Romy

Bhard and Dharma hanging out in the dirt pile just chilling out..they are up from NYC getting some good basic training and Bhard is on a weight loss program with my exercise and diet that I have for dogs and I am highly succesful with dogs on getting them in shape