Bring your daughter to work day

This morning Clover went to work with me to some clients that needed some distraction work with kids done. So we had quite the busy day......after the client we went to the tack shop in Warren to pick up a helmet for riding and then out to lunch at a outdoor cafe in Warren. After lunch we headed to another client...

Clover and a very large GSD working on his sit/stays

Clover counting grass...which i have found to be highly distracting to dogs..and look they are doing a perfect sit/say and down/stay...feel free to use this technique if you want

Dharma doing a great downstay while clover and romy redo the stairs with chalk

Bella working with Agnes....Agnes has had issues with other dogs and this is our 3rd lesson

Hugo who is the junior owner of Agnes (above) doing his own sit/stay

Romy sporting her new haircut...linda gave her bangs a little trim the other day...

It has been a busy week already...lots and lots going on...another day...another dog