Giddy Yup!!!

I had my 2nd lesson today with Erin....she is awesome...i rode Tabasco like a pro....i learned to post today and was into a trot which was lots of fun...I enter my first jumping competition next week LOL....If anyone is interested in learning to ride feel free to give Erin a call her phone number is 413.446.6109....she is local...she teaches on Saturdays in Swansea...tell her Jeff sent you and she won't make you clean up the horse poop

Tabasco and I trotting along...we had a good time today....

Tabasco up close....he has been called hard to handle which makes it that much more fun for me considering I have no idea what I am doing..Erin makes it really comfortable for me to learn though..she is a great instructor

Erin's daughter Cass working with Ruth the next friendliest pit bull in the world

So this morning while I was hanging out in the training yard with the dogs......I came upon these 2 digging a hole in the dirt pile......I didn't say anything...since they were working together so well as a team....i was wondering what they were going to bury.

mmmm.......I did not realize that Clover felt that way about Coco.....I explained to Clover that if you bury a dog and add water to do not grow more dogs..

This is a very interesting picture that tells a lot about Clover she is sitting ontop of the dirt pile and all of the dogs gravitate towards her....they come up to her and see what she is doing..but they never touch her...they have utter respect for her....they jump around fight around her and Clover is never phased by it and the dogs never get to close to her...even Clover is a pack leader and the dogs understand this

2 of the 3 new dogs that came in this week...Zane and Blue are with me for the next 6 weeks getting some intensive training and then being flown to Israel....

Snooky is a 1 year old female beagle who is totally untrained....she is fitting in nicely...a little nervous around the other dogs but made a nice effort to play today..

Tonight we were all exhausted....Linda and I along with Clover and Romy decided to go to Panera Bread....a big treat for us since we rarely go out to just is not in the budget these days...we had a great meal and before the girls got into linda's van I took this picture..

We all then went to Target to get some house stuff...I ended up buying some body wash, deodarant and hair conditionare  3 things that I have not been using enough of lately....we picked up some play doh for the kids along with some stickers...they had some cool stretch pants for the kids for only 4.00 a pair...came home and the kids were exhausted....put them to bed....rotated all of the dogs out for the last bathroom break of the day and called it a day....know I have a couple of hours of paperwork and computer stuff to do and I'll be up bright and early tomorrow to do it all over again...