Whats new..

The kids started school this week..Linda did a great job of putting her lesson plan together with the help of Bev who has been homeschooling her kids for a while..

Clover and Romy spending time on their reading...they not only read alone but Clover also spends time reading to Romy. Clover wakes up every morning and always asks if she can do work in her school books, she is working on her letters and numbers...

I am working with a new dog from PARL, Boomer is a great dog...HIGH HIGH energy that at the moment is untrained..he has a web page on my site under Dogs for Adoption..I just started working with him and he will be ready to adopt sometime at the end of September.

Boomer is looking very proud to start his training

Besides the kids doing a lot of reading and riding they still have plenty of time to work with dogs which they love to do

Romy and Clover hanging out with Blue who is being trained in Hebrew and English...

Even though we keep an intense schedule of training at the kennel the dogs always have time to play.