kid school/dog school

Clover, Romy and Lucy are working hard with homeschooling...its great to see them all just hanging out on floors, couches and chairs reading and doing work. I took some time off this morning and played Candyland with Clover, it is a great game for her to learn her colors and understand rules of games.

I have a client in Barrington that I work with 4 of their dogs...they have a nice size yard and I run it like a little group is wonderful to work with all of the dogs at once since they can act as distractions for each other....they are all doing well...

Bella who is in the middle of the pack works with 3 of the 4 dogs at the house...keep in mind that this is our 2nd lesson and they all are doing a great downstay....

One of the new kennel dogs is a 1 year old beagle names Snooky below shows her progress

Before Solid K9 Training

After Solid K9 Training

I will be having a booth at the PARL Pet Walk at Roger Williams Park on Saturday the 13th from 8:30am-1:30pm..i will have a booth and a table with dog toys on sale..i am redoing my shopping cart site and have a lot of toys I need to get rid of.