Picture day...

Its Sunday and it has been a crazy week....a lot of training....a lot of traveling.....and of course lots of pictures...so as much as you all love my stories LOL I am too tired to write and I am just going to put up pictures...

Brushing my teeth in my van while in NYC

Romy doing some yarn crafts in the training yard

Romy and Clover hanging out on our new walkway under construction
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bella and uma working with some clients dogs

7:30am outside the barrington Starbucks this morning

Tilly a 6 month old female Rottie doing a downstay

Buckley, another new dog working on a sit/stay

Tilly getting her nails cut, this is one of my NYC dogs who is doing well...one of the most playful dogs I have ever met

dharma and Tilly both from NYC playing, at the moment I have 4 dogs from NYC and I expect to get a lot more....

thats it for the week....time to get some sleep...

Training w/clientsJGellman