Sex or No Sex

So ...Sex has been on my mind you know I have 6 daughters...and work 7 days a week averaging about 14 hours a day...Linda runs the house and also homeschools 3 of our kids...we are coming up on our 6th wedding like any couple sex is always either a topic or not a topic for us..

let me tell you about a almost very exciting experience this morning.this story has 3 parts to it...I wake up way before linda does each part 2. Linda is barely awake I said something very quietly to her and she proceeds to lift up her top exposing her breasts...her eyes are still closed and she looks so beautiful...did I mention that part on 1 was waking Romy up and taking her out of her crib so Clover can hold her hand as they walk down the stairs part three is Romy jumping into bed and going over to Linda to breastfeed..yep...21 months old and still on the boob..every morning and every night...and what did I whisper into Lindas ear..."Romy is up"

  Romy and Clover hanging out in the morning

Buckley and Tilly working on Downstays on the new walkway

Vegas, Tilly and Dharma working on downstays

Romy and Clover trying out the stepping stones before they are installed..the project is almost done...with the upcoming rain the  work will have to stop for the weekend.

Zane and Blue work on Downstay and Place command while there is lots and lots of distractions

Zane in Place while Romy supervises construction of the yard