Romy my little training machine Romy (21months ) has really started to come into herself with the training.....she spent 3 hours today training with me...I was able to get some great pictures of her...some training..and some playing..

Clover and Romy hang out me while I work the dogs in our almost done front yard....

The mulch still has not been put down yet...after the huge rains we have had over the weekend it is obvious that they laid the walkway stones properly..all of the water drained away from the house and did not puddle anywhere...

Magma Design
is the company that is doing the work...they have been better than expected....and they have not even finished the job yet..

Clover just found out that she was going to train dogs and jumps for joy

romy and clover do a great job of doing some distraction training

Clover and Romy having fun with Blue

Romy and Clover sitting on some stepping stones while Zane is in a down/stay

Romy tries to distract blue with her tummy.....obviously Blue does not break command..

 Romy takes a break and works on the rock wall

if you don't know what Romy looked like..this is her in all her dirty face glory

Romy with her "I do my own stunts" t-shirt stands on a soon to be installed stepping stone...

Mulch was delivered today...Romy and Clover having a great time

Homeschooling is going really well...the kennel dogs and at home clients are getting better and better each day...Colleen is still missing..we hear that she is back in I am sure Linda will send me out into the night looking for her...