NYC again and loving it

I went to NYC to deliver Buckley and Tilly back to their owners, I brought max, uma and bella so it was just 5 dogs and me cruising down 95...we made great time with a 3 hour drive...went right into SoHo to deliver them and spend a couple of hours with the owners....after I dropped of the dogs and was walking my dogs around the neighborhood we came upon a filming of the TV show SVU

It was a scene of a body being taken out an was a scene with Ice T and the lead detective (whats his name?)...anyway it was great for the dogs since it was a quiet set and they just sat there in perfect sit stays..

I slept in the van with the dogs just off off of Broadway and woke up in the morning and did a nice hour walk around NYC...

Linda and I had our 6th wedding anniversary on Tuesday and of course in was sleeping in my van out of town with my dogs....don't look to much into that one LOL

Tilly and Buckley in a long sit/stay in their own neighborhood.....the owners where very impressed with the training that was done after only 2 weeks..