New Dogs and Facebook

So...i joined Facebook last week....and I like it..i have found some high school friends that I have not been in contact with and I think I am going to like it...some clients have already joined me as well...I think it will be great both personally and professionally.

I picked up another dog yesterday...Rocky is a 5 month GSD who is going to be with me for a 6 week board and train.

Rocky on the ride to my kennel

Rocky checking out the scents in the training yard while molly starts sniffing his butt

Molly has been doing really well with her is incredible what a great dog she is..she loves to work for me.

Molly in a long sit/stay on a very busy street with lots of traffic going by

my folks were in town last week and lots of pictures were folks live out in San Diego and had a problem with the weather..sans the Cleveland Brown hat on my dad LOL

The other night when linda went out clover and romy fell asleep in bed with me it was nice we were all snuggled together until linda came home and dragged them upstairs..