Off Leash recall

Tilly and Buckley have been working on off leash recall...the client has a house in Montauk, Long Island that and often goes to the beach. the issue is the dogs just have not come back with when they are distracted with things on the beach. So we work on off leash recall training with e-collars.

Tilly comes flying to me when I give her the "Here" command. The most wonderful thing about e-collar training is that if you  are properly trained on it you can have incredible results with your training.

Tilly, Buckley and Uma heading home after doing some intense recall training

My latest Board and Train is doing well. Rocky is doing well with his training and making some good friends with all of the other kennel and house dogs. He is taking well to his training and understanding the concept of training.

Rocky makes friends with Buckley

Tilly has a really great time with Rocky...Rocky who has not spent a lot of time with other dogs has shown really great play and social skills with all of the other dogs.

Max doing some Service Dog training at H & M at the Providence Place Mall

I have been loving my morning training walks, the weather has been great and when the sun hits my face it is one of the most wonderful feelings.

This weeks morning crew

Molly, who I am training to be a service dog works on a downstay with distractions..she did a 15 minute downstay at a very busy corner.