Obama is President

I was in NYC for the last 20 hours dropping off 2 dogs, it was a great trip...i went with Clover and of course Bella, Uma and Max. We went to the American Girl store and then off to see Olivia in Brooklyn we met and had sushi and then I put Clover in her PJ's since I knew she would be getting tired...after dinner at her loft we drove back to SoHo to park the van since we had to deliver Buckley and Tilly first thing in the morning. After parking we went to a bookstore and also a deli to grab some water.

I popped the top on the van and I was able to get a wireless connection so I got some work done. The next morning we walked over to Starbucks to get some morning coffee.

Clover hangs out with Olivia last night. Clover and Olivia are really close. It is nice to spend time with Olivia in NYC. She is almost 19, I am done wiith the traditional parenting of her and have gone into the sit back and listen stage of her life...she is a succesful model in NYC

Clover hanging out in NYC with the dogs outside of Starbucks after a night in the van. Clover is so assertive I forget she is only 3. I wrote a list of things to get in Starbucks and gave her money. She goes right into the store walks up to the counter and just starts ordering. She is so incredible and has no fear.

3 of my dogs in perfect sit/stays.

6 of the dogs that I am with on my morning 4 mile walk.

Quincy and Fargo in down/stays at a busy corner...these 2 dogs are with me for a board and train program