Rocky is working it

Rocky who is a 5 month GSD came to me a week ago and is doing great..he is a perfect example of a dog that responds well to my structure and training methods...he is living and breathing Solid K9 Training 24/7. Every part of his day is planned for him and it shows in how well he is doing.

Rocky in a sit/stay on one of our numerous daily can see in the bottom right corner a recycle bin...I love trash day..I keep moving the bin around him to make audible and visible distractions

Rocky in a downstay at a very busy corner...lots of cars, trucks and people and Rocky has a rock solid down/stay

Rocky in a down/stay during one of our numerous training you can see Rocky is in a very urban environment which is a great for distraction training.

Everyone pay attention..this is a down/stay, Rocky is not going anywhere anytime soon

Rocky doing a sit/stay at a very busy corner with trucks, busses, fire trucks and lots of people

Rocky in the Place command

Rocky responding well to the Recall command...

Rocky is coming along great and having lots of fun with us.