Interesting morning

I had a great morning 4 mile training walk with 5 dogs and 1/2 way through the walk we heard a large seemed a pickup truck had gone  out of control and crashed into a telephone pole, sliced it in half spun around and got totaled. The man in the cab was knocked out cold. So we ran over to the scene, the electrical wires were all over the place and the dogs and I skirted under them, I approached the truck and saw the door was stuck I tied the dogs to the door and they pulled the door off the van..we then checked the vitals of the guy....I could not get his seat belt off...and we all know how well dogs chew through nylon I told Bella to start working on the seat belt..she did not even need to be asked twice...after working on the seat belt for a few minutes I was able to utilize some of my first responder training. I was able to stabilize the man. I had to get him out of his truck and onto a stretcher of sorts....the ambulances could not get down the road since all of the electrical lines were blocking the road.

I went to the back of the pickup and ripped the plastic liner right out of the bed of the pickup...put it on the ground and then moved the guy into the liner...not being able to pull him by myself I had the dogs again lined up like a dog sled and pull him to the waiting ambulance.  Hard to believe..of course it didnt happen.

the police would not let us farther than this was good for training though since there was lots of sirens going off and people running all over the place..if you look above the police car you can see the telephone pole and in the way back you can see the smashed pickup truck.