dinner and dogs

Tonight was the last lesson at one of my clients...know I get offered food often when at someones house..but this was a sit/down plate, glass and silverware dinner. It was awesome and I thank you so much for making me feel like I helped you.

My wonderful hosts for tonight, this was taken on Halloween Night...they are a great couple with 2 well trained dogs.

So....I got a call from a couple who have a 9 month old Akita who has turned on one of them and she was attached yesterday by him. So....they wanted to surrender him to me and today I went and saw them and brought him home. His name is Roka. I brought him home and started working with him immediately. He is a good dog and after Linda saw him she wants him. So...we have talked about her having a dog around the house for her and the kids especially when I am on the road. so....I will see how he goes with his rehab and keep you all up to date.

Roka is at 75lbs and should grow to over 100lbs I will get some better pictures up tomorrow. I have introduced hime to 2 of my kennel dogs and he is an aggressive player but I am not seeing any aggressive play that I am worried about.

A lot of calls this week for aggressive dog training....I am having a lot of calls about resource guarding and I am getting concerned about all of the bad information that other trainers are giving to dog owners...the bottom line is that if you are not correcting your dog for this behavior then you are praising your dog for bad behavior.....corrections are not bad they are lifesaving...

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