Roka and the kids

Roka has been fitting in just has been a wonderful 24 hours since bringing him home to live with us. this morning Clover and Romy wanted to meet Roka so I brought them out for opening up of the kennel, it was 6:30 am and we all went into the kennel turned on the lights and let the dogs out to go to the bathroom. All of the dogs know the routine...and Roka just followed along. Then they all go back into their kennels and wait for water and breakfast...

Whenever a new dog comes into the kennel I always tell Clover to keep her distance since I don't know if the dog bites or not...considering that Roka had attacked his previous owner it was a very good possibility that it would happen. A funny thing happened as we were getting breakfast together....Clover turns to Romy and says "romy don't go near new dog because he might bite you, Ill feed him" This is a 3 year old telling a 22 month old this Clover brings over Roka's food bowl opens the door and makes Roka wait for his food before putting the bowl down...incredible...obviously I am supervising all of this and I was reading Roka's body language to make sure it was okay..

Roka watching the kids washing the morning dishes

Clover is a great big sister and is showing Romy how to properly wash the breakfast bowls

Roka is doing great with training and understands my training methods

A down/stay at a very busy intersection..

Hanging out in the training yard with Linda

my morning crew of 5 dogs all waiting before going into the van...they get released by name one dog at a time and they can go into the van, if they go before getting told they go in last...

Rocky who is with me for a 6 week board and train helping me with a client.....his front legs are fine..this is what a 5 month old GSD dog looks like before he gets HUGE