Tired is I

I'm tired......it has been a great week...it seems the worse the media makes the economy out to be the better I am doing. People are trying to live harmoniously with there dogs. I am using the opportunity this morning with it raining outside to just sit and read a book and post my blog. I only have a few clients today and of course the kennel dogs. Keeley my assistant will be arriving shortly to work the kennel dogs. I work 7 days a week and I forget how tiring it can be without a break. I just found out I will be going to NYC next week to pick up 2 dogs and possibly trying out for a movie role. They need a customs agent with a drug sniffing dog and I have been contacted about the part. That would be fun to put Max and/or Uma to work.

Rocky and Keeley working on Downstay

Roka is doing well, he growled at me this morning when I approached his kennel with his breakfast...so...I did not give him any food. If a dog growls at you with the food bowl, they loose  that meal.