Happiness, what is it?

Today started early as usual and I headed to the East Side of Providence a little after 7am with 6 dogs for our daily 4 mile training walk. It was cold..the first 2 miles I had the sun at my back and the wind in my face..so it felt around zero degrees since it was a little above 20 degrees without the wind. The second part of the walk was into the sun with my face and the wind at my back so that was nice. Everyone in the pack loves our morning training sessions and Piper who is new to the pack did great.

Piper not quite getting the sit/stay in the pack yet and I needed to get the picture so I let it slide THIS TIME

Thats Piper and Roca hanging out in the van before or after (i forgot) one of our training walks..they are good friends.

After doing a great 4 mile walk and then doing some training it was around noon. Linda had to go to Meeting House (a homeschool thing) with the kids, except Romy has been sick...so I put all of the dogs in their kennels for a 2 hour rest and Romy and I hung out upstairs in my bedroom. The sun is coming into the room through the window, Romy has fallen asleep on the bed. The house is quiet and so are the dogs.

Romy sleeping next to me while I write my blog, work on my website and just relax....I head to NYC later this afternoon to pick up dogs and then come back..i should be back around 1am or so. Usually I stay overnight but after Keeley works her shift this afternoon she is going away for 4 days. So I need to be back when the dogs wakeup in the am.

This is happiness to me..