Piper in for dinner

I have not posted for a few days they have been quite long and I have been up most nighs for various reasons. Wednsday night after my last client around 6pm I headed to NYC to pick up 2 dogs. I met up with my daughter Olivia  (18 yr old living in NYC) we hung out for a little. After hanging out for about for just an hour I headed to SoHo to pick up Tilly and Buckley. We headed back up to RI around 11pm...i got home around 2:30am. Tilly and Buckley are always happy to see me..as soon as they got into the van they understood that they were coming home with me....Tilly just got spayed on Monday so I need to keep her calm for a few more days. When I came home I let all the dogs out thinking I could sleep a little later in the a.m....as I was walking about the steps to go to bed around 3am and who comes walking down from the 3rd floor..yep Romy my youngest daughter...looking so cute in her little footie pj's...

The other morning while walking my pack and after Roca took a poop i noticed it looked a little mucasy...so after a quick double bagging I put it in my coat pocket and ran it down to the vet to have it looked at...the next day...the report came back positive for Giardia and Roundworms, so this along with Ticks on Roca when I picked him up.

Roca at the vets office

Piper who has been with me for about a week has been doing great with his obedience and started working in the house today around mealtime working on the PLace command as well as his downstays with lots of distractions.

Piper in the Place while I eat dinner with Clover and Romy...yes our kitchen is ugly, its from the 70's, when we bought the house it all looked pretty much 70's..the kitchen is the last room we have to do...don't get me wrong..it is a great house..built in 1903...6 beds....4 bathrooms with lots of space for my family...but the kitchen is old...we have a master plan to redo it..but I have a few more dogs to train first.

Piper in a downstay while Clover and Romy act like themselves which is a great distraction