Look were 2 pot heads

This morning I walked downstairs and the kids were running around saying look papa   were 2 pot heads..i'm going what are you talking about..linda what have you done with this kids...then linda told me that that what they were saying "NO" they are saying "Look papa we are Teapot Heads"  ahhh...so that is why you are running around with teapot warmers on your heads.

Linda is not feeling well and with Thanksgiving coming up soon that is not good...so I have been helping out..I made her a nice cup of tea and some toast..she is lying down..I mean..she needs to get her rest..since she will have to clean the house, take care of the kids and do all of the cooking over the next couple of days..LOL

Piper learned how to levitate today....we had quite the rain storm today so our 4 mile walk was wet...as you know I don't stop for sniffing or marking behavior...so when we walk for 4 miles during the rain dogs need to shake once and a while...well..Piper who is the smallest dog in the pack had to shake..he started at his head and worked his way back to his tail...when he got to his tail the forward momentum  of my 4 mile and hour pace and his shaking lifted him up into the air...it was funny...

Piper doing a perfect downstay today.

Piper checking out the goods on Buckley

Normally the kids are out in the training yard helping..but between the late hour and the rain I decided they could have a front row seat instead

Tilly who is back up from NYC for another 2 week board and train was spayed a week ago...so I have had to keep her calm (i'd rather get bit  by a dog then try to keep Tilly resting)....she did her hardcore training, walking and playing today..

Rocky and Tilly playing and playing and playing

Roca, Piper and Buckley playing at night...with Buckley styling in a fleece lined coat...water repellant on the outside and warm on the inside..and yep I sell them.

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