An Average day

My days are packed solid everyday from the minute I wake up until I finish writing my blog, today I did get another dog that was surrendered to me. Billy is a male Rottweiller, who is about 7 months old and has exhibited resource guarding and bit his owner pretty bad last night . I will be working with him and eventually will adopt him out. I will give you more reports as I work with him.

Billy and Piper getting to know each other

Billy and Tilly play with Roca....the 3 of them did not stop all thing is Billy is great with other dogs.

Clover and Romy this morning playing with some bubble pop

this is a 5 minute video so be patient with download

youtube video loads quicker but is not as clear and hard to see text

Before our big 4 mile walk I park in wayland square and head into Starbucks to get my iced coffee with 2 shots of esspresso, when I come back to the van this is what is waiting for me.

Lets keep in mind that I never give any of these dogs treats....I only play with them a little bit...I rarely show them physical affection...I am very strict with them, I work them constantly, I make them ask permission for everything they do, I make them wait for the their food...and guess what..they all love and respect me...they can't wait until they can be with me to do something....ahhhhhh....stop overpraising...over treating and overloving your don't need to in order to get the results you need from them.

Piper falls asleep as soon as he gets into the van after our 4 mile walk..

who is that doing a perfect downstay all by himself in the middle of the cobblestone path for 5 minutes

Thats right...Mr. Piper...working the downstay with the best of them.

Rocky and Piper working hard with Keeley

I hope everyone and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving

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